Pumpkin Bucks

As our special “thank you” to our volunteers, the Morton Pumpkin Festival provides Pumpkin Bucks that can be used at our food venues including the Pumpkin Grille, Pumpkin Sweet Shoppe, and Pumpkin-To-Go. They cannot be used to purchase merchandise.

Pumpkin Bucks are allocated based on the following categories:

Volunteers - Volunteers who help at various events and activities may be given a $2 Pumpkin Buck by their event or venue Chairman.

Shift Volunteers – Volunteers who complete a full food venue or store shift of 3 hours or longer receive a $5 Pumpkin Buck.

Special Volunteers – Volunteers who serve in more difficult roles, including Grillers and Cashiers, and complete a full shift of 3 hours or longer receive $9 in Pumpkin Bucks.

Pumpkin Bucks must be used by their expiration date.  No change is given for unused Pumpkin Bucks.