Giving Back

The Morton Pumpkin Festival is a fund raiser for the Morton Chamber of Commerce, a local non-profit organization that strives to strengthen local business and enhance the Village of Morton. In addition to using festival revenue to support their general operations, the Morton Chamber of Commerce donates tens of thousands of dollars each year to other, local non-profit organizations that assist in the operations of the festival.

2019 Give Back Project

This year, the Morton Chamber of Commerce will direct a portion of the revenue generated from the 2019 Morton Pumpkin Festival to updates to Horseshoe Park.


The ground where Horseshoe Park currently sits has a long history of public use here in Morton, IL. This ground was part of the interurban railroad that connected Peoria to Bloomington and beyond from 1907-1953. When the railway went out of service in 1953 the property was acquired by the Village of Morton and subsequently gifted to the Morton Park District in 1968.


In November of 1968 the Morton Park District Board of Commissioners decided to hold a public auction to sell the property, but when no bids were received the Park District decided to create Horseshoe Park. Four horseshoe pits were installed public use. In 2001 two of the horseshoe pits were removed and a gazebo was installed for public seating.


Following almost two decades of minimal use the Morton Park District is now planning to remove the last two horseshoe pits and create a natural landscaped area with added public seating. The native plants that will be planted will aid the local pollinator population as well as be an aesthetically pleasing gathering area for the public. This property has sat along the annual Pumpkin Festival Parade route throughout its existence and will for generations to come.

Project Pumpkin Endowment Fund

Project Pumpkin is an endowment fund the Morton Chamber of Commerce launched in 2013 in partnership with the Morton Community Foundation.  The purpose of the fund is to provide access to the Morton Pumpkin Festival for families in need.

To contribute to the fund, festival guests can purchase a special item at the Pumpkin Store before and during the Morton Pumpkin Festival.  100% of the proceeds from those sales go to support this fund.  Direct contributions to the fund can also be sent to the Morton Community Foundation.


Non Profit Partners 2018

2018 Festival, the following non profit organizations will receive a portion of the revenue from the Morton Pumpkin Festival through their support of festival activities and operations:

Boy Scout Troop 178
Girl Scout Troops 4698 & 4268
Jefferson Elementary School Activity Fund
Jefferson Elementary School PTO
Jefferson School Playground Fund
Midwest Food Bank
Morton Community Foundation
Morton Community Unit School District 709
Morton Junior High School Girl’s Softball Team
Morton Junior High School Student Council
Morton High School Booster Club
Morton High School Football Team
Morton High School Girl’s Softball Team
Morton High School Girl's Volleyball Team
Morton Tennis Association
Morton Youth Baseball Association
Rotary Club of Morton
St. Jude Morton to Peoria Runners
Tazewell County Resource Center

Past Year Contributions

The Morton Chamber of Commerce has contributed thousands of dollars to local nonprofit organizations and projects through the revenue generated by the Morton Pumpkin Festival.  Here is a history of contributions over the past decade:

2001 - $11,000
2002 - $15,250
2003 - $16,500
2004 - $17,000
2005 - $17,500
2006 - $5,000
2007 - $25,000
2008 - $5,000
2009 - $35,000
2010 - $40,000
2011 - $13,118
2012 - $46,793 (Special Project:  Downtown Memorial Plaza - $25,000)
2013 - $41,062.26 (Special Project:  Idlewood Arts Pavilion - $25,000)
2014 - $46,564.37 (Special Project: Veterans Memorial - $25,000)
2015 - $46,152.22 (Special Project:  Birchwood Park Softball Complex - $25,000)
2016 - $31,016.61 (Special Project: Library Book Drop & Downtown Flower Pots - $14,714.61)
2017 - $39,074.13 (Special Project: Idlewood Large Picnic Shelter $20,000)
2018 - $38,740 (Special Project: Jefferson School Playground $10,000)