Parade Marshal

Each year, the Morton Chamber of Commerce selects an individual to honor as our Pumpkin Festival Parade Marshal.  Morton citizens are encouraged to nominate individuals for this honor in the based on the following criteria:

• Resident of Morton, either now or in past
• Been of service to the community or otherwise brought distinguished credit to Morton
• Need not necessarily be a business person or a Chamber member
• Committee may select an Honorary Parade Marshal when appropriate

Past Pumpkin Festival Parade Marshals

2015 Parade Marshals

The 2015 Parade Marshals are the MHS Lady Potters and the MHS Golf Team. Last winder, The Lady Potters basketball team played their way to Redbird Arena, winning the 3A state championship. Last fall, the boys' golf team took the 2A state golf title, and Tommy Kuhl won the individual golf title. We're excited to honor these inspiring high school athletes as our 2015 Pumpkin Festival Parade Marshals!

Front row L-R: Chandler Ryan, Crystal Cobler, Emma Heisler, Kathleen Saunders, Kassidy Shurman, Alexis Opel
Back row L-R: Assistant Coach Rodney Knuppel, Manager Jossie Weller, Josi Becker, Assistant Coach Bill Davis, Kayla McCormick, Brandi Bisping, Jadison Wharram, Jacey Wharram, Jena Liddle, Lisa Walter, Caylie Jones, Head Coach Bob Becker, Assistant Coach Brooke Bisping, Assistant Coach Megan Hasler

L-R: Coach Jamie King, Adam Christianson, Jack Zern, Trevor Tompkins, Pete Kuhl, Tommy Kuhl, Isaac Ingold