Pumpkin Boat Races

Want to watch our community leaders sit in a 500-lb pumpkin and paddle across a pond? Of course you do!


New to the 2018 Morton Pumpkin Festival activities, this race will be a spectacle for the whole family to enjoy. Join us at this new, wacky event that will be a barrel (or pumpkin!) full of laughs! The Pumpkin Boat Races are coordinated with support of Kennel Lake Sportsmen's Club.

2018 Information

Chairman: Kevin Wilson
Date: Saturday, September 8 
Time: 12 pm
Location: Kennel Lake Sportsmen's Club


Our brave pumpkin sailors will make their way across the lake while inside their 500-lb pumpkins and launch at around 12:30. Randy Rundle with 106.9 The Mix will emcee!


At 1:30, we will have some fun opportunities for everyone to join!


The Frozen T-Shirt Contest will have individuals break open a t-shirt that has been frozen solid. The individual who opens their shirt in the fastest amount of time of their age bracket will receive a Festival t-shirt and $10 in Pumpkin Bucks!

Frozen T-Shirt Contest

The Tent Set-Up Competition, sponsored by McDonald's, will test our participants' patience, problem solving, and speed as they will attempt to set up a tent in the fasted time. This competition is open to doubles and families/groups with a max of 4. The top three times in each group will win a camping prize package and $10 in Pumpkin Bucks.

Tent Set-Up Competition - Doubles

Tent Set-Up Competition - Family/Group



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