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Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The Pumpkin Decorating Contest, sponsored by Ackerman Farms, is a favorite for local children and families.  All Morton School District children can pick up a FREE pumpkin at Ackerman Farms and then decorate it to this year's theme.  These wonderfully decorated pumpkins are on display at the festival for all of our guests to enjoy!

Participants can use one or more pumpkins to decorate. Both individual child and family categories are available for the competition.


2013 Information

The 2013 Winners are:

Ages 4-6:
1st - Addison Dea
2nd - Ben Rochford
3rd - Ethan Boecker

Ages 7-8:
1st - Naomi Steffen
2nd - Malaina Ummel
3rd - Austen O'Donnell

Ages 9-10:
1st - Lydia Rogers
2nd - Katelyn Mason
3rd - Jillian Cordoba

Ages 11-12:
1st - Jade Baker
2nd - Chloe Woodin
3rd - Natalia Ummel

1st - Erickson Family
2nd - Natalie & Elena Cordoba
3rd - Whalen Family

Grand Prize:
Lynn Linder



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