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Pumpkin Jedi Training Academy

During this live-action show, watch young Jedi trainees recite the sacred Jedi Oath, draw their light sabers and learn ancient battle techniques.  But stay vigilant: there has been a disturbance in the force.  Darth Vader is rumored to be nearby.  Can you defeat the Dark Side and win the day?  Only time will tell.  May the force be with you! 

Pumpkin Jedi Training is held on the Gold's Gym Entertainment Stage on Thursday night.  This special event is designed for children ages 5-12. 

2013 Information

Shaun Bill (slbill@comcast.net)

Dates: Thursday, September 12
Time:  7:00 pm
Ages:  5-12
Entry Fee:  $20

Limited to 20 participants, and they must be pre-registered!

Registration is now closed.