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The 2014 Great Pumpkin Pin Search

Sponsor: Clearpath IT Solutions
Prize:  $300
Clues Released:  August 15, August 22, August 29, September 5

The kick-off to the Morton Pumpkin Festival is the Great Pumpkin Pin Search, a treasure hunt for the official festival pin that begins four weeks prior to the festival. This time-honored tradition has a huge following and generates a great deal of excitement from Mortonites each year. 

Clues will be released on the following Fridays at 5:00 pm:  August 15, August 22, August 29, and September 5. The clues will be posted here on our website, on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mortonpumpkinfestival, and on the door of the Morton Chamber of Commerce office. The clues will also be posted in the Morton Times News the following Wednesday after being released.

The searcher who finds the pin wins $300.

The pin will be hidden in a non-dangerous location on public rather than private property.  The pin could be anywhere, indoors or outdoors, in the vicinity of Morton.  Individuals of all ages are encouraged to seek the pin.  

Once the pin is found, an announcement will be posted at the Chamber office, on the website, and on Facebook.  Until then, contestants are encouraged to maintain their searches vigorously and not be swayed by others who claim he or she or someone else has already found the pin. The person who finds the pin must bring it to the Chamber office to claim the prize and congratulations for a job well done. 

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Teaser Clue 2014

“Come and get it!”

Bell ringing meant dinner for

Hungry Farmhands and Cowboys of the West.

The clinging and clanging of our Bell signals the Pumpkin test.

Starting August 15, on Friday afternoons, clues will be released like jingling tunes.