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Pumpkin Weigh Off

The Pumpkin weigh off, sponsored by Libby’s Pumpkin, is a competition showcasing pumpkins of all sizes! Trophies and prizes will be awarded for the Giant King Pumpkin, the Queen Pumpkin, the Tiniest Pumpkin grown by Morton children.

Anyone can enter the Mature Pumpkin Weighing Exactly 48 Lbs. or the Open Class Giant Pumpkin competitions.  The Open Class Winner will receive a $300 cash prize!

First Place winners will ride in the parade on Saturday morning!


King Morton Student First Place - Sam Austin, 149 lbs
Jill Leander Queen - Alex Lopez, 78 lbs
48th Festival - Bode Mills, 47 lbs
Tiniest Morton Student First Place - Ellie & Tate Roley, .o4 lbs
Open Class First Place - Brexton Hall, 1056 lbs
Open Class Second Place - Darrin Garrison, 904 lbs
Open Class Third Place - Darrin Garrison, 884 lbs