Festival Themes

Each year, the Morton Chamber of Commerce selects a special theme for the Morton Pumpkin Festival. Festival themes are voted on by the general public while taking the annual Pumpkin Festival Survey in September. The top festival theme choices are then taken to the Pumpkin Festival Advisory Committee and the Morton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for the final selection. Themes are announced in February during the Morton Chamber of Commerce Annual Meet Up.

Many of the Pumpkin Festival events and activities including the Parades, Pageants, Entertainment, Competitions, and Opening Ceremonies incorporate costumes, music, and other elements in celebration of the annual theme.

*The use of the phrases “Morton Pumpkin Festival” and “Farmin’ Pumpkins” are trademarked as the Morton Chamber of Commerce has built a brand over 50 years in hosting the Morton Pumpkin Festival and each year creates a new theme.  The Chamber partners with businesses to create items to sell and experiences to enjoy around the theme. We are able to use the success of these purchased items to give back to our community through partnerships with non-profits and brick & mortar projects. 

Morton Pumpkin Festival Themes