Parade Marshal

Each year, the Morton Chamber of Commerce selects an individual to honor as our Pumpkin Festival Parade Marshal.  Morton citizens are encouraged to nominate individuals for this honor in the based on the following criteria:

  • Resident of Morton, either now or in the past
  • Been of service to the community or otherwise brought distinguished credit to Morton
  • Need not necessarily be a business person or a Chamber member
  • Committee may select an Honorary Parade Marshal when appropriate

Nominations for the 2020 Pumpkin Festival Parade Marshal are now closed.

Past Parade Marshals

1967 – None
1968 – None
1969 – None
1970 – Phil Hauter, Oscar Mathis, Arch Bartelmay

1971 – Robby Roecker
1972 – Morton Volunteer Fire Department
1973 – Eliza Ackerman
1974 – Jr. High School State Basketball Champs
1975 – Roy McClelland
1976 – Marilyn Richmond
1977 – George Rein
1978 – Joe Witzig
1979 – Jerry Moreland
1980 – Burdell Hall

1981 – Alfred Carius
1982 – Harold Bower
1983 – Jim Davis
1984 – Dr. L.S. Patton
1985 – Don Roth
1986 – Clarence Belsley
1987 – Virden Rinkenberger
1988 – Gerry Carius
1989 – Ben Hauter
1990 – Wilfred Wierman

1991 – Rudy Jungst
1992 – Lloyd Domnick
1993 – Doris Morton
1994 – Les Freidinger
1995 – Linda Yoder
1996 – George Annasenz
1997 – Harold & Gene Witzig
1998 – Richard “Chick” Evans
1999 – Merlin Birky
2000 – Sheila Harvey

2001 – Ken Aupperle 2002 – Dianne Simmons 2003 – Gerald Duffelmeier 2004 – Gwen Phillips 2005 – Jim Carius 2006 – Wayne Sutter 2007 – Bob Schnarr 2008 – Cliff Hasselbacher 2009 – Janice Sherman 2010 – Ray Mason

2011 – Henry Rapp
2012 – Dale Ritthaler
2013 – Norm Durflinger
2014 – Lloyd “Bud” Zobrist
2015 – MHS Lady Potters and MHS Golf Team
2016 – All Past Marshals
2017 – Phil Kuhl
2018 – MHS Baseball
2019 – Susan Pyles
2020 – ??

2019 Parade Marshal

Our 2019 Parade Marshal is Susan Pyles!

In 1987 Susan and her husband Don, opened MasterPeace Photograhy & Video in Morton.  After getting some good advice from a friend who already owned a business, they joined the Morton Chamber of Commerce and then it got interesting.  Susan became involved in the chamber as an Ambassador, board member and community volunteer.  She served in various capacities for the Pumpkin Festival and in 2000 became the first paid Event Coordinator for the Morton Chamber of Commerce.

Organizing golf outings, annual dinners, car shows, Punkin Chuckin contest and other fun events was great, but organizing the Pumpkin Festival was the most fun of all. It was like throwing a party for the whole town. And everyone for miles around was invited. Every year volunteers would approach the chamber with new ideas for excited products or new events. Most of the time these same volunteers would offer to organize the new idea and make it happen.

In 2007 Susan moved her skills to the Village of Morton as the first Director of Tourism. Developing community assets such as the flower, military signs and banner program, community website and social media pages, restaurant guides and maps to be distributed to visitors, and purchasing and hanging  Christmas decorations were a few of the accomplishments.

“I am honored to be chosen as the 2019 Parade Marshall, but I did not do the things I did by myself. I had a loyal band of 10 to 12 crazy friends that were and still are willing to help with community betterment”.

Volunteers have always been key to getting things done in our Village and the tasks Susan oversaw were no exception. Hundreds of people have stepped up to help with all the projects being done to improve or beautify our Village. It has been such a blessing to meet and work with the wonderful selfless individuals that helped make these projects possible.

In 2018 Susan left the Village of Morton and is now employed at Home Instead Senior Care.

” I am so looking forward to being in the parade and seeing all our great citizens along the way.  It will be a memorable day.”