Pumpkin Boat Races

Pumpkin Boat Races

Want to watch our community leaders sit in a 500-lb pumpkin and paddle across a pond? Of course you do!

This race will be a spectacle for the whole family to enjoy. Join us at this wacky event that will be a barrel (or pumpkin!) full of laughs! The Pumpkin Boat Races are coordinated with support of Kennel Lake Sportsmen’s Club.

Our brave pumpkin captains will make their way across the lake while inside their 500-lb pumpkins and launch at 12:00. Randy Rundle with 106.9 The Mix will emcee!

Mini Pumpkin Boat Regatta

Date:  Saturday, September 11
Time:  After 500lb Pumpkin Boat Races
Location: Kennel Lake Sportsmen’s Club

After the big boats have set sail, Morton kids are welcomed to bring their own built boats for mini pumpkin sailors to ride in our  mini pumpkin boat regatta! Preview a mini cargo boat and buy your supplies at Nena Ace Hardware! 

Suggested Supplies:

Aluminum foil
Duck Tape

Boats must be able to carry a 2lb mini pumpkin without sinking

No motors

Boats must be no longer than 2ft and no wider that 1 ft

Randy Rundle with 106.9 The Mix will emcee!

Kennel Lake Sportsmen’s Club is offering a special to new members during the month of September 2019. New members can join the club and become a member for 2019 for free and be a 2020 member for $200. That would be half off the normal $100 initiation fee and $150 for membership dues for 2020.

Thank you to our sponsor: