Pumpkin Pin Search

Prize:  $300 in Chamber Checks

The kickoff to the Morton Pumpkin Festival is the Great Pumpkin Pin Search. This treasure hunt for the official Festival Pin marks the countdown to the Festival’s Opening Ceremony. Generations of families look forward to this long-standing tradition each year.

Four clues will be released (one new clue every Friday for four weeks in a row) unless the Pin is found prior to the next clue. The clues will be posted here on our website, on our Facebook page, and on the door of the Morton Chamber of Commerce office.

The searcher who finds the Pumpkin Pin will win $300 in Chamber Checks, be photographed for the Pumpkin Festival Facebook Page, and will be introduced on the Gold’s Gym Entertainment Stage!

The Pin will be hidden in a non-dangerous location on PUBLIC property (it will not be hidden on private property). The Pin could be anywhere, indoors or outdoors, in the vicinity of Morton. Individuals of all ages are encouraged to search for the Pin.

Once the Pumpkin Pin is found, an announcement will be posted on the door of the Chamber office, on this website, and on the Morton Pumpkin Festival’s Facebook page. Until then, contestants are encouraged to maintain their search and not be swayed by others who claim to have found the Pumpkin Pin.

Whoever finds the Pin must contact the Morton Chamber of Commerce office for verification. The person(s) who finds the Pumpkin Pin will be presented with $300 in Chamber Checks on the Pumpkin Festival stage on Wednesday night. 

Thank you to our sponsor:

Congrats to the 2021 Pin Search Winners

Lisbeth Spradlin
& Laura Francis

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