Pumpkin Weigh Off

The Pumpkin weigh off, sponsored by LIBBY'S Pumpkin, is a competition showcasing pumpkins of all sizes! Trophies and prizes will be awarded for the Giant King Pumpkin, the Queen Pumpkin, and the Tiniest Pumpkin grown by Morton children.

Anyone can enter the Mature Pumpkin Weighing Exactly 52 Lbs. or the Open Class Giant Pumpkin competitions.  The Open Class Winner will receive a $300 cash prize!

First Place winners will ride in the parade on Saturday morning!

To participate, bring your pumpkin to the parking lot across from PNC Bank at the corner of North First Avenue and Jefferson Street on the Tuesday before Festival between 4 and 5:30 pm.

2019 Information

Chairman:  Jim Ackerman
Date:  Tuesday, September 10
Time:  4:00 - 5:30 pm
Place:  Corner of First and Jefferson Streets

The categories open to anyone are: 1. Open Class Giant Pumpkin  2. Mature Pumpkin Weighing exactly 51 pounds

The categories open to Morton children are:  1. Giant King Pumpkin  2. Queen Pumpkin (½ size of King)  3. Tiniest Pumpkin

The Open Class Giant Pumpkin winner will receive a $300 cash prize.

There is no pre-registration.  Register when you bring your pumpkin to the Weigh Off.

Weigh Off Rules:

1) The entry must be a minimum of 75% orange in color.  All others will be considered squash.

2) The specimen must be sound, healthy, and undamaged; free of rot, holes/cracks through to the cavity, chemical residue (fungicides), and serious soft spots.  

3) No foreign material is permitted to be included in the weighing.

4) Vine must be no longer than one inch from the stem of the fruit.  

5) The judges reserve the right to fully inspect each specimen before, or after, the weight is announced.  Refusal to allow the inspection of an entry will cause said entry to be deemed "exhibition only".

6) Winners are deemed officially determined upon the close of the Weigh-Off. 

7) In the event of a tie in a cash-prize category, the prize money for those two places will be combined and split equally. 

8) Growers will not be permitted to challenge or touch any other competitor's pumpkin.  

9) Decisions of the judges are final in all cases.  

10) The Morton Chamber of Commerce shall not be liable for compensation for loss or damage to any exhibit or personal property.

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King Morton Student First Place - Henry Potts, 142 lbs
King Morton Student Second Place - Charlotte Potts, 127 lbs
King Morton Student Third Place - Miles Chaffer, 78 lbs

Jill Leander* Queen Pumpkin -  Ian Spies, 65 lbs. (closest to half the size of the King pumpkin)

51st Festival - Reid Cook, 51 lbs.

Tiniest Morton Student First Place - William Webb, 1.1 oz.

Open Class First Place - Joseph House, 768 lbs


* Jill's family started the Pumpkin Weigh Off. Her dad Herb and Uncle Don along with her brothers Doug and Jeff sponsored the contest for 40 plus years. Jill loved the Pumpkin Festival and is deeply missed.