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The Boxcar Derby, hosted by the Morton Kiwanis Club, is a coasting race down Plum Street for small, motorless cars. Kids from 1st through 6th grades can participate, so build your car, or use one of ours, and join us! Racers are divided into different classes according to age, and double elimination brackets will ensure all contestants race twice.

Prizes will be awarded for first-third place and a special award will be given for best homemade vehicle.

Event Sponsor:

After careful safety considerations and the unavailability of the ramps provided by the Morton Kiwanis Club, the Pumpkin Festival will no longer be hosting the Boxcar Derby. We know this was a beloved event of many Morton families and we know this will be missed by many. We encourage all of the builders and riders to check out the new Build Your Own Backyard Game event and the Big Wheel Race (for ages 10 and under).

2020 Information

Organizers:  Morton Kiwanis
Date: TBA
Registration: TBA
Location: Corner of Plum & Washington Streets
Entry Fee: $5

Organizers:  Morton Kiwanis
Date: Sunday, September 13
Location: Kennel Lake Sportsmen’s Club
Entry Fee: $5

Cars will be available for any child who does not have their own.

The participants will be divided into different classes according to age.

Children from 1st through 6th grades can enter the Boxcar Derby. All children must bring their own helmet.

***No one will be allowed to race without a helmet.***

Click here for basic design and specifications for any participants who would like to build their own cars. Boxcar derby cars are made with commonly available materials and tools.

Backyard games have made a real comeback over the past few months. Nothing is better than spending time with your family outside and having fun. We want to see your children’s creativity as they create the ultimate pumpkin yard game.

Children from 1st through 6th grades may enter.

Game must include the use of a pumpkin (size may vary) and pumpkin MUST be integral to the game.

Games can be a recreation of another carnival, backyard, or board game OR may be a completely new invention.

Game must include at least one built or created component

Points will be given for creativity of the use of the pumpkin, design and construction, and overall appeal.

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