Festival Themes

Each year, the Morton Chamber of Commerce selects a special theme for the Morton Pumpkin Festival.  Festival themes are voted on by the general public while taking the annual Pumpkin Festival Survey in September.  The top festival theme choices are then taken to the Pumpkin Festival Oversight Committee and the Morton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for the final selection.  Themes are announced in February during the Morton Chamber of Commerce Annual Meet Up.  

Many of the Pumpkin Festival events and activities including the Parades, Pageants, Entertainment, Competitions, and Opening Ceremonies incorporate costumes, music, and other elements in celebration of the annual theme.

Morton Pumpkin Festival Themes
1973 Cinderella Land
1974 Nature’s Harvest
1975 Seeds of Freedom
1976 Freedom’s Harvest
1977 Centennial’s Pumpkin
1978 Happiness is…
1979 It’s a Pumpkin World
1980 Pumpkin Country Round Up
1981 Pumpkin Patch Patriotism
1982 Pumpkin Harvest Harmony
1983 Old Fashioned Pumpkin Picnic
1984 Pumpkin City Fantasy
1985 The Great Pumpkin Circus
1986 Pumpkin Festival Memories, 20 Years of Celebration
1987 Pumpkins Go Hollywood
1988 Pumpkins Go for the Gold
1989 Pumpkins Around the World
1990 We’re Off To See the Pumpkins
1991 Pumpkin Festival XXV
1992 Fairytales on Parade
1993 Pumpkin Paradise
1994 Pumpkin Fiesta
1995 Pumpkin Wonderland
1996 30th Annual Pumpkin Party
1997 Planet Pumpkin
1998 Pumpkins go Prehistoric
1999 Pumpkins Rockin’ & Rollin’
2000 Pumpkins on the Job
2001 A Pumpkin Odyssey
2002 Red, White & Blue in 2002
2003 Pumpkin Safari
2004 Pumpkins Under the Sea
2005 Great Pumpkins in History
2006 40th Pumpkin Birthday Party
2007 Pumpkins Go Hawaiian
2008 Superhero Pumpkins
2009 Christmas in the Pumpkin Patch
2010 Pumpkin Splash
2011 Pumpkins Across America
2012 Peace, Love & Pumpkins
2013 Pumpkin Carnivale
2014 Pumpkins of the West
2015 Pumpkins of the Caribbean
2016 Golden Pumpkin: A Celebration of 50 Years
2017 Das Pumpkin 
2018 S'more Pumpkin